FIX DJI Fly App Install Problems For Samsung Devices

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It has been rife on social media at the instant for several individuals to complain that their drone could be a brick. This can be attributed to the very fact. That they can not run the DJI Fly app. That’s a retardant wherever it simply crashes or Says fix DJI Fly App Install Problems For Samsung Devices The first reason for this can be as a result of if you have got a Samsung device. You in fact have the Galaxy store currently the DJI fly app within the Galaxy store. It’s terrible |a really| an awfully} very recent one therefore this can be version one.4.0.

FIX DJI Fly App Install Problems For Samsung Devices

So we’ve had an excellent variety of updates since the one you probably just put in on your device. And in fact, there are several enhancements to the interface supplying you with heaps of the latest options. Currently, the main reason for this issue is primarily. All the way down to Golem Twelve. That is put in on Samsung devices. This cannot be compatible with the DJI fly version one 4.0 that you’ll well have put in from your Galaxy store. Currently, for political reasons, the DJI fly-up has conjointly been far away from the Google Play Store. Therefore the sole place to urge it primarily is the DJI transfer page.

Fix DJI Fly App Install Problems For Samsung Devices

Fix DJI Fly App Install Problems For Samsung Device Step-by-Step

  • The first issue you wish to try and do is to utterly uninstall the DJI flight app version one.4.0 that you have got on your Samsung device.
  • Then need you to try and do is visit your google play store. Not the galaxy store the google play store desires you to put in AN app installer. Therefore all you wish to try and do is go in the box at the highest.
  • Search for app installer currently several of those choices ought to work simply fine. However, this can be the one that once you have done. That what you then ought to do is visit the DJI transfer page currently.
  • If you visit the DJI transfer page. Once you’ve gone ahead and downloaded it. We tend to then ought to do is return to your main phone screen.
  • Then open up that app installer that I’ve simply told you to transfer. What is going to then happen is which will seek for any put-in apps onto your device or downloaded apps onto your device. Once that you’ll be able to choose the one you have got simply download that in fact is going to be the newest DJI fly app during this series.
  • Then act and hit install. You’ll well get a security prompt to permit your phone to be put in from this supply. All you wish to try and do is act and choose ok.
  • Then let it do its issue once you’ll be able to see the phone. Currently installs the app that is that the DJI fly app. And in fact, this can be conjointly relevant for the DJI opt for the app still. Currently once this original criticism on social media concerning this issue.
  • You can see that once giving. The poster came back to mention sensible the installation of the app installer. Wherever it’s fully fine and fortunately that user is currently duplicated within the air.
FIX DJI Fly App Install Problems For Samsung Devices

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