MacBook Pro 13 Inch – Pros & Cons

Macbook Pro 13 inch

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The pros and cons of 2020. MacBook Pro 13 inch and just by saying 2020 MacBook Pro 13 inch you can probably figure out what are the cons long story short. And just see what’s know what are some of the good things with this new system that came out in 2020. This is you know and what are some of the bad ones but this is something that‘s used quite a bit the MacBook Pro 13 inch and a lot of people love this device because it’s easy to transport and things. Some pros and cons of MacBook pro 13 inches are given below.

MacBook Pro 13 Inch - Pros & Cons


  • Butterfly keyboards well this is a great chance this is what everyone’s been waiting for this has got the new magic keyboard like the 16-inch. MacBook Pro 13 inch and it’s just great to type on in Lima not a lot of problems like the last generation of the fix they needed to make for sure.
  • The number 2 pro you actually can get higher graphic cards on the top models. So if you go with the top model you get better graphics. The top models also come with some better CPUs that allow the new IRA’s plus graphics card. So if you’re doing video editing or even some slight gaming these better graphic cards might work well.
  • With the number 3 Pro, you can get up to 32 gigs of RAM on the top models as well. So this is a great new feature as well. So if you look here it’s you can upgrade to 32 gigs of ram or the older models from 2019 only allowed up to 16 gigs. So for video editors, this is a dream come true.
  • The number 4 pro you get two times the storage on this over the 2019 models. So the base model doesn’t come with 128. It comes with 256 which doubles. So if you want more storage go with 2020.
  • The number-5 pro they do get faster CPUs on the higher models. Now the actual base model though still comes with an eighth generation. If you go with the little bit upgraded models you can get the 10th generation finally which is about 80% faster. So a good upgrade if you can afford it.
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Macbook pro 13 inch

Cons Of MacBook pro 13 Inch

  • The first con in no particular order is gonna be no – so if you look at the MacBook Pro 16-inch that just came out it does have a really good audio system. These are gonna be the same speakers that were on last year’s model for the 13-inch here. So if you look at the speakers on the side they’re the same. And then at the hi-fi audio like the 16-inch gets.
  • The second con is no 14-inch screen now this could be one of the biggest ones the biggest disappointments for everyone thought this might match the 16 inches. Where they have you know increased the size of it this is still 500 nits of brightness. A pretty good 13.3-inch screen but it’s the same screen as last year it’s not it’s gonna have the same larger bezels. So kind of a disappointment for the most part here.
  • And the third con is it’s gonna have the same battery as last year’s battery. So you know we wanted it to have a little bit more battery life because it’s a little bit thicker. Now if you look at the 10 hours of basically 10 hours of usage is what you get here it says up to 10 hours wireless web up into 10 hours of an apple app movie playback things what you get this year. These are gonna be the same speakers that were on last year’s model for the MacBook pro 13-inch here. So if you look at the speakers on the side they’re the same. And then at the hi-fi audio like the 16-inch gets.
  • The fourth con is the webcam. It’s only 720p again or HD and it’s a terrible webcam why can’t they upgrade this the screens are good but the camera is a 720p FaceTime HD camera. Everyone complains about this every year. And actually with the coronavirus and things going on it’s good to have a great camera. So you can do video conferencing. So you’re gonna have to wait another year for this to happen.
  • The fifth con is it’s still got the two USBs on the base. So you only have two USB ports on the left side again. If you upgraded to the more expensive models you do get four on those but they make you pay for it. So plus there are no other card readers or anything like that. So it’s kind of just a pain.
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