Why Water heater making a popping noise?

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Hot water heaters square measure appliances accustomed to heat water and to stay at a lot of or less constant elevated temperature. Even as significantly, they’re additionally used for the needs of getting a gentle and continual provide of water. This is often one huge distinction that sets quandary heaters except for ancient heating vessels like kettles, cauldrons, pots, and coppers, with the latter being unable to produce constant stores of water.

Water heater making a popping noise?

If therefore, you’re experiencing an awfully common hot-water tank downside. Whereas this sound will vary, it typically sounds the same as the sound of popcorn changing in the state within the microwave. If you notice this Water heater making a popping noise, it always indicates there’s sediment at the very cheap of your tank.


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Cause Of Water Heater Making A Popping Noise?

The noise is caused by the steaming and effervescent sediment, that is then pushed around the hot-water tank. Luckily, there are straightforward thanks to fixing the matter. Keep reading to find out a lot about what this sediment is. However, the matter is caused. And the way to repair the annoying popping noise.

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What Is The Sediment In My Tank?

Simply put, sediment is the loose materials that accumulate at a very cheap in the tank. This can be what results in a Water heater making a popping noise. Whereas you will suppose this sediment travels from somewhere and enters your tank. It’s really caused by the water itself. If the water in your space is “hard,” it contains a lot of minerals.

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Whereas these minerals are literally smart for the United States of America, your hot-water tank doesn’t get pleasure from them. Because the mineral-rich water enters your hot-water tank, sediment can eventually settle at very cheap. Sadly, once there’s a hot-water tank popping noise, your system most likely isn’t operating terribly with efficiency. Also, this downside will result in heating, which might injure your tank. When the injury is caused there’s solely a little quantity of sediment resulting in a Water heater making a popping noise, there’s most likely no reason to fret. However, if this sediment is in abundance, you ought to flush the unit ASAP.

When there’s a deep layer of sediment at the very cheap of your tank, this may cause a variety of issues, including Overheating, that might injure the steel tank. The water tank leaks water displacement, resulting in a less on-the-market predicament. Sediment covering the constituent (only in electric water heaters)Higher water heating bills, caused by lower system potency. If you have got ne’er had your tank flushed and you’re still hearing the hot-water tank pop sound, there can be an oversized quantity of sediment in your tank. You will favor having your hot-water tank maintained by a talented skilled.

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Water heater making a popping noise
a plumber with a heater

Why Does The Popping Noise Happen In The Heater?

Why does my hot water heater make popping?

As the constituent heats up the water in your tank, steam is formed. Once there’s sediment treed at very cheap, the effervescent noise is that the steam making an attempt to flee the sediment. The constant method happens once you boil water on the stove; the steam can try and push up the lined lid. As the sediment settles at very cheap in your tank, this can be conjointly the placement of the constituent.

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If water gets caught between the sediment and constituent. That water can heat up, steam, then try and escape through the layer of sediment. This can be what causes the hot-water tank sound. While a touch little bit of sediment isn’t any reason to fret, you don’t wish for an excessive amount of it. Once a hot-water tank struggles to heat water properly, it’ll run longer—meaning less potency. This issue will even cause the tank to overheat, which might cause pricey injury to the tank’s inner lining.

Water heater making a popping noise

What’s The Solution To The Water Heater Making A Popping Noise?

Water heater making a popping noise

How do you fix a popping water heater? When there’s a Water heater making a popping noise, the sound will drive the entire family crazy. And not solely is it unbelievably annoying, but, the difficulty might even be damaging your hot-water tank. Luckily, there’s a fairly straightforward resolution you’ll complete on your own. This involves flushing the system. You’ll complete this yourself or decision knowledgeable.

Flushing the hot-water tank flushing your hot-water tank may be a straightforward method that solely takes around half-hour. Here square measure the steps you ought to take: Turn the management knob to “pilot” on your hot-water tank. If you have got an electrical unit, close up the water at your electrical fuse. Turn off your water. You’ll try this at the cold water valve or cold water lever. Allow the system to chill off for a concerning half-hour. Attach a hose to the water heater’s drain valve, found at very cheap of the tank.

Place the opposite finish of the hose somewhere the water will safely drain. Flip up the pressure regulator, situated close to the highest of the tank. Turn the drain valve open. You will want pliers to show the tiny slot on the valve. Allow the water to flush out fully. Turn on the cold water valve to get rid of any remaining sediment. Once the water starts to run clear, shut the valve, then let the cold water fill the tank. After the tank is filled with water, power the hot-water tank back on.

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While this can be a fairly easy method, you may conjointly rent knowledgeable. Plumbers and HVAC specialists handle these services for a living, therefore decision them nowadays for a speedy and dependable resolution. If you have a hot-water tank creating pop noise, flushing the system can simply be what you wish. Not solely can this eliminate that annoying hot-water tank pop sound, but it can even lead to larger system potency.


Water leaks are often attributed to multiple causes, including:

  • a faulty temperature and pressure (T&P) safety valve
  • improper water pressure
  • overheating
  • a stuck valve
  • a leak from a close plumbing association
  • loose constituent bolts
  • a bad seal
  • a leaky tank
  • Check for any clearly loose plumbing connections, and alteration (but not over-tightening) them to cut back the leak.

Next, check the loose constituent bolts, and alteration them if required. If the constituent remains leaky, you’ll most likely have to be compelled to replace the seal (we suggest hiring knowledgeable to try to do this). Finally, check for leaks on or around the tank –since storage tanks generally corrode from within, you’re most likely seeing the start of the top for your warmer.

Of course, you’ll be able to tank leak problems altogether by shifting to a tankless warmer – the instrumentation lasts regarding doubly as long, too, and takes up one-quarter of the house in your basement.

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